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29 | 03 | 2020

European Credit System for Commercial Qualifications

The European Credit Transfer System for Vocational Education and Training shall support the recognition of learning outcomes which were acquired in different learning environments or abroad to enable the person to receive a qualification. The project ESyCQ wants to implement the instrument “ECVET” and intends to apply it in a national context.


According to the call for proposals of the Commission, the objectives of the project ESyCQ shall be achieved with the following means:
  1. Generating descriptions of learning outcomes for six professions/qualifications from the field of commerce and IT
  2. Dividing learning outcome units for six professions/qualifications
  3. Developing procedures for the examination of learning outcomes, suggestions for the validation and recognition of learning outcomes
  4. Developing a method for the calculation and allocation of credit points
  5. Developing an internet-based ECVET platform which reflects and supports the goals referred to under a to d by using and/or enhancing the existing CEMES platform
Descriptions of learning outcomes

The descriptions of learning outcomes according to the recommendations of the European Commission and the European Council from 2009 will be an essential result of the project ESyCQ.

Evaluation methodology

The project ESyCQ transfers the CEMES method as a competence assessment process for the evaluation and recognition of learning outcome units. In addition to the evaluation of formal learning, also non-formal and informal learning and learning phases between training systems are assessed.

Recognition of vocational competences

The recognition and transfer of learning outcomes is another essential issue in the project ESyCQ.




ECVET pilot projects - Final conference in Brussel

The partnership has met for the sixth transnational meeting on 5 and 06.02.2014 in Leipzig. At the public workshop participated numerous executive of the Chamber of Commerce.

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