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29 | 03 | 2020
Evaluation methodology

The project ESyCQ transfers the CEMES method as a competence assessment process for the evaluation and recognition of learning outcome units. In addition to the evaluation of formal learning, also non-formal and informal learning and learning phases between training systems are assessed.

The competence assessment is based on the CEMES method and consists of a three-level mix of methods for a comprehensive assessment of learning outcomes. The objective is to elaborate the “profile of learning outcomes” of a candidate.
Das dreistufige CEMES - Kompetenzfeststellungsverfahren
The first two levels of the mix of methods consist of an online-based multiple choice test and the online-based answering of open questions. They provide information for the third level of the competence assessment – the personal assessment by assessors.
The results of the online-based test and the assessment enable the assessor to evaluate the candidate’s competence level with an adequate profoundness. For the first two phases, the CEMES platform is used as an assessment tool.

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